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This mature housewife gives her son's friend a lesson he will never forget

Duration: 16:51
Added 26-03-2019 Lucy

I could feel my cunt lips were irritating with the touch of his fingers but that constant pain had subsided He got up and brought a cushion and placed it under my ass so my cunt lifted upward He again applied some oil on his cock and on my cunt I could feel my whole cunt was slippery with oil and some oil had flown on the passage between my ass cheeks He resumed his position on me and said feel relax He rubbed his cock on the cunt hole for some time and then started pushing it ahead It started sliding inside my cunt and soon cock head and some more of it went in quite smoothly Though his cock stretched my cunt but it did not pain much He held his cock there in my cunt and laid over me When he got sure that my cunt has got used to his cock he placed his hands on my breasts and took my lips in his mouthI was now under his full control and was unable to speak as he had closed my mouth with his mouth He started sucking my lips and rubbing my nipples and the same time started pushing his cock now quite smoothly and carefully I could feel it sliding in the tight grip of my cunt lips deeper and deeper When half of his cock had sunk in he asked how you feel now I said its paining but I will try to bear it He said ok but now I am going to push it all the way in so you must be ready With that he again caught my lips in his mouth and gave his cock a sudden and very powerful push It thrusts in tearing my cunt and cock head hit my womb inside I felt as though my cunt has burst out and my hymen is torn into million pieces My whole body went through severe pain and I started crying very loudly although papa was trying to suppress it by kissing my lips by his mouth He immediately removed his mouth from my lips and put his palm on my mouth to suppress my voice but my cries were not subsiding Tears started flowing onto my cheeks and I was shaking my body and pushing him away from me I felt as if I am dying and my breaths are subsidingI was fainting with that severe pain My eyes were closing He sensed the situation and immediately took his cock out I sensed as pain has increased when he extruded his cock Though he had pulled his cock out of my cunt but I was still crying very bitterly knowing that my sisters are sleeping in the other room and they may wake up Papa immediately got away from over me and pulled my head into his lap and started rubbing my head hair with his fingers He was asking me to calm down again and again A minute or two passed and I started coming back into my senses I felt as my cunt has swollen and pain has frozen in whole of my pelvic region I was not crying now but sobbing dimly and tears were still flowing from my eyes Papa#8217s massage on my head was helping me relieve the pain He was silent and was squeezing my head in his lap and rubbing my hair He turned my face upward and looked into my eyes He said nothing but simply picked my tears with his lips and sucked themI knew he loves me very dearly so he is sad because of unbearable pain of mine After long time I resumed my senses and pain subsided but my cunt had swollen and was irritating when I touched it with my hand I could feel the area under my ass was very wet When papa saw that I am feeling well he removed the cushion from under my ass and placed the sheet under it He brought another sheet laid with my side and spread the sheet over us He kissed me softly and asked how I am feeling now I said papa you had almost killed me I was dying with the pain and you were not taking your cock out Had you held it inside my cunt for some more time I would have died or fainted He said I was not really expecting such severe pain You proved to be very tight and I tell you my cock too bent inside your cunt and squeezed when it broke your hymen and is paining now I made a long effort to do this with you and you saw too that I was very careful and soft with you He was kissing me while he was talking to meHe said you know you had to taste this severe pain once in your life while going under a man Now as you have gone under a man so you will never ever face this pain again With one or two more such efforts your cunt will get used to the cock and you will enjoy all sweet things without any pain I smiled and said meri toaba aur mere baap ki bhi toaba Papa laughed at this and kissed me very dearly on my lips and said you were going to please your papa I said papa I still wish to please you but you know how painful it proved He said ok take some rest and then I shall see what you can do for me He got up and went towards my leg and took the sheet away that was under my ass and rubbed it on the bed sheet I could see the bed sheet was all red with blood He said we must replace the bed sheet before others wake up in the morningI got down of the bed and sat on the floor on foot He was replacing the sheet I touched my cunt It was really swollen Cunt lips and hole both were irritating with the touch of my fingers When he finished we both laid on the bed and he took me in embrace of his arms He kissed me for a while and said look what all this has done to my cock I looked at his cock It was quite small in size now limp and resting on his thighs I said papa it has lost the hope of mating with its partner so it is sad Papa smiled and said you are very intelligent and smart but it is smarter It knows it is going to mate with its partner soon so it is bowing its head down to welcome its partner Now it was my turn to smile He caught my hand and put it on his cock I held it in my hand and started rubbing it It started rising very rapidly and became very hard within moments Papas said now it needs your attention my doll don#8217t disappoint it Papa started rubbing my breasts under his soft palmsHe rubbed and pinched my nipples in his fingers while I rubbed and massaged his cock with my fist It was totally ready now Papa got up took his cock from my hand and went towards my legs He said don#8217t feel any fear now It will be quite easy this time This time he did not place any cushion under my ass He applied some oil on my cunt and on his cock parted my legs outward and bent them from knees and pushed them back towards my belly He sat in between my legs and rubbed his cock on my cunt for a while It was all slippery and ready to give way to its partner He then laid on me resting on his one hand and with the other hand he held his cock and placed it on the hole of my cunt He fixed it on the hole and started pushing it quite smoothly and it started sinking inward Soon cock head was in When he had fixed his cock head inside my pussy he removed his hand from his cock and laid straight on me He was rubbing my breasts with his hands and kissing me on my lipsHe was constantly pushing the cock deeper and deeper and I could feel it sliding in and in with every second Though it was not hurting me now but I could feel it was stretching the lips outward and my cunt was gripping it with a tremendous force Papa kept thrusting it ahead and it kept going inside my pussy When about half of his cock had gone inside my cunt papa stopped and asked me whether it is paining I said no it#8217s all right now he said ok you could touch my cock with your fingers to check how much has gone in I extended my hand and touched his cock on my pussy It was fixing my pussy and almost 23 had slipped in and very less was out still to go in I touched the lips of my pussy they were gripping the cock with a full strength I said papa almost 23 has gone in He said ok and now I am going to push it all in your hot combustion He pushed rest of the cock inside very softly and when it went in it filled my cunt and touched to a very sensitive area inside my bellyI said papa it#8217s enough for me and don#8217t push any more He said it#8217s already all in your cunt and I don#8217t have any more to push in Papa held his cock inside my cunt for some time and when got sure that my cunt has got used to it he said ok my doll I am going to fuck you now with some speed He pulled an inch or so of his cock back and pushed it in again It was proving now fantastic He pulled some more of it and again pushed it in My pussy seemed to get used to it now and was cooperating with the cock in very lovely way Now he pulled almost all his cock out except cock head and pushed it in with a single stroke Heat had started building in my whole body and I was feeling very wet inside my cunt He started fucking me bit fast now with his full length He was extruding it out and then thrusting it in with a single jerk and I was giving him response with moving my ass up and down to meet his thrusts A quite untold pleasure was running through my whole body and I was talking the words and making the noise unknown to me I was breathing heavily and fast My breasts were bouncing up and down here and there at his every strokeThough he was not too fast but he was breathing quite heavily His balls were slapping my butt at every end of his stroke and his cock head was hitting my womb inside My hands were folded around his back and I was pulling him closer to me It did not matter that this was my papa it was just a man who was very close to me My pleasure suddenly peaked and I felt a huge explosion within me I was seeing stars and waves upon waves of an unimaginable pleasure that was coursing through my whole body I was approaching an explosion My dear papa was giving me unimaginable pleasure The very thought of this forbidden act was increasing my pleasure I felt as I was flowing on the waves up and down A huge storm had started to flow from very deep of my womb and was approaching my cunt lips I was quivering and trembling under papa#8217s pressure and his cock was sinking in this deep ocean of my cum He sensed I was emptying my womb so he stopped fixing his cock deep inside my cuntI was pulling his back more and more deep towards my pussy and was biting him with nails I kept trembling for quite a long time and when he saw I am finished he increased his speed This time he was fucking my pussy with some force I was fully cooperating with his strokes I was feeling exhausted but papa had to cum yet so I extended my hand and touched his cock in my pussy After few strokes I sensed that his body has stiffened I could feel his hard penis inside me He pulled his cock out held in his hand and emptied his entire load on my tummy belly and on my nipples He shot what felt like litters of his love for me on my whole body He was ejaculating for more than two minutes and wanted to empty every drop of his love juice on my white silky skin It was white and very thick like gumHis whole body was jerking and he was growling in his throat mildly When he finished he laid beside me When we resumed our breaths he kissed me on the face cleaned my body with a cloth and said you are so sweet and so tasty you are more than a heaven no woman not even your mother tasted so sweet likes you I had never ejaculated for so long even with your mummy He told me that this was the best feeling he ever had in his life since he stepped in his youth I love you above every thingWe were feeling very exhausted so we went asleep in each other arms without a bit of clothes on our bodies It#8217s a long series of lovemaking We are fucking till today and doing it almost every night He has taught me each and every thing like sucking the cock and swallowing the cum He has fucked me quite few times in the ass but every time he puts his cock in my ass it always makes me cry Now I sleep in his room as he has told my sisters that he is a heart patient and needs some body very close to him every time I have a separate bed for me in his room but in fact we sleep on the same bed like real wife and husband Its another long story when right after three days fucking he first put his cock in my little ass and almost fainted me Send u r feedback

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