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Skanky blonde Sheena Shaw gets dental fucked

Duration: 09:28
Added 26-03-2019 Lucy

This is my story of my sexual awakening and my eventual relationship to two wonderful women who happen to be mother and daughter My family lived in a small town in southern Tamil Nadu My father was the eldest and as is the tradition his sisters after marriage etc come to house for delivery and then leave when the baby is around 3 months old for their married households…I was the only child for my parents When I just turned 13 my father’s youngest sister who was 28 years old who already had a 8 year old daughter came to live with us while anticipating the delivery of her second child Since I had a mattress #038 cot in my room which was large enough for my Athai used to sleep with me Her daughter stayed with the father as she had school which couldn’t be disruptedOne day Athai woke me up in the middle of the night and told me it is time I alerted everyone took her to the hospital and within hours she delivered a baby girl It was a shock for me to see the baby so tiny and even more shocking to see my Athai open her top up and breast feed the baby After they got back home the baby and Athai took over my cotI provided all the help to my Athai as I used to sleep on the floor in the same room #8212 Warming up water giving help to bathe the baby etc I also liked taking care of that girl and my Athai Athai noticed this and was very effusive in her praise and affection for me calling what a mature young man I was becomingAfter couple of months after birth one day overnight her daughter developed a blue color all over her body We immediately took her to a hospital where the child was diagnosed with severe heart defect with internal walls ruptured and not curable by surgery The kid breathed her last in my arms at home I cried uncontrollably not to mention my AthaiAfter the last rites were done Athai expressed to her husband to stay at our house for some more time and then come back Her husband also agreed and left for Chennai That night after I laid my bed out on the floor Athai now that the kid is not there I can come back to my spot I moved up to the cot and put my arm around her waist and went to sleep this comforted my Athai and she went to sleepEarly morning I was awoken by my Athai with tears in her eyes and asking me to get some hot water and cloth I did that and when given Athai asked me to close the door After that she opened up her blouse and pressed with the cloth dipped in hot water all around her breasts They were shining red in the heat and after some time I saw my Athai expressing milk out of them initially there were tiny leaks and then they stoppedWhen asked my Athai replied that now that the breasts are no longer being emptied out they are full of milk for the past 23 days and it is aching too much She resigned and just lied down sideways on the bed covering her chest with the thin sari One of her hand was on her side and another on her forehead covering her eyes She was sobbing uncontrollablyI was in tears on seeing my Athai like this I don’t know what came over me I switched off the lights crept closer to her in the bed After a quiet minute slowly lifted up her sari and latched onto her right breast which was on the bed with my lips I instantly sucked and very thin warm and sweet milk flooded into my mouth My Athai became very quiet and didn’t do anythingI slowly got the hang of it and was milking her breast and drinking it steadily emptying it She must have felt immense relief at that as she didn’t resist at all After some time the milk stopped When I tried to move away Athai held my face and positioned another nipple into my lips The routine continued and I emptied that alsoNow in a very relieved voice she said thank you nestled my face between her breasts and went to sleep hugging me I dozed off Next morning my Athai looked visibly relieved The taste of the milk the softness and fullness of her breasts lingered forever in my mouth and mind I just couldn’t concentrate on anything at school I was too excited about the future with AthaiThat night after watching my TV I went to bed as soon as I switched off the light and got on My Athai turned towards me without a word spoken opened her blouse and pushed a nipple into my mouth I drank milk and emptied her breasts she kissed me on my forehead and then turned away to sleep I put my arm around her waist and went to sleepThis routine continued for a month and I obediently would empty her breasts Sometimes even during the day she would quietly offer her breasts to me I was in heaven never losing an opportunity to drink fresh milk from her breasts Slowly I would play with her other open breast and though initially she developed Goosebumps she didn’t resistI would squeeze them and express milk onto me One day she kissed my forehead after I am done After that she regularly kissed me on my forehead and cheek One day when she bent down to kiss me on my cheek I turned and instead it became a kiss on my lips She lingered on my lips longer than she would on my cheeks These became very slow and deep kisses with her slipping her tongue in as wellThat night was the most defining moment in my life That day it was very hot in the summer a power cut happened launching the house into total darkness I got up as it was too warm went out opened all the windows to let the breeze in took of my tshirt and came to bed in just my boxers After I lied down my Athai came and hugged me I was shocked to find her totally nudeI was shell shocked I slowly kissed her which turned into tongue swapping into our mouths We were wrestling with tongues Then my Athai bent down and kissed me on my nipples and sucked on them This led to indescribably intense feelings in me My penis began to harden and with pressure it popped out of the hole in front of the boxerI slipped my hand down my Athai’s body and finally felt the curly bush between her thighs… She asked me to remove my boxers and asked me to get on top of her With her legs on both sides of my body I slowly lowered myself on her My Athai grabbed my penis with her right handI bent down to kiss her and she positioned my penis on her bush and with both hands grabbed my butt and pulled me in all in one swift motion I felt like I was in heaven with a feeling of a warm velvet cloth around my penis She slowly gestured holding my waist to pull out and push in I got the clue and in no time was pumping in furiouslySuddenly I felt my brain blanking out and something coming out violently with force from my penis I panted heavily and collapsed on my Athai She caressed my body and hair and very huskily asked did I like it I felt like I was on top of the world She whispered that “you have been broken in and no longer a virgin boy but a man” I felt so happy and proud at the momentWe went to sleep and I got up once more that night and this time I positioned my penis and was able to piston in and out of her vagina lot more relaxed Finally I spurt out something into her vagina emptied her breasts and went to sleep very happily After this every day I would fuck her to my heart’s content One night I fucked her every hour for eight timesShe was completely worn out and mentioned that her husband fucks her once in eight days… This fuck marathon continued every day for the next 6 months Over that time her breasts produced less and less milk and eventually went dry One day when I wanted to fuck her my Athai declined and said she has to check whether she gets her periodsI didn’t understand why it was important I was upset she kissed me and explained to me that now that she is no longer breastfeeding she will ovulate and if we are not careful she will get pregnant I understood but was very upset She laughed and asked me to close her eyes After a few seconds I was surprised to find warm wet velvet like wrapping around my penis and when I opened my eyes found it entirely in my Athai’s mouthShe sucked vigorously licked my balls all over and probed my anus hole with her tongue as well This led to an eruption from my penis which landed all over her face it was as if a very thin porridge has fallen on her face She pointed out that I am spurting huge amount of cum how after our fuck session huge amount will ooze out of her pussy when she went to the toiletShe wiped it with her fingers put it into her mouth and swallowed it all She said I will let it dry on my skin and wash it tomorrow morning So for the next three weeks she would regularly suck my penis and introduced to pleasures of getting my butt hole poked as well Finally one day when I went to bed I saw her in her panties with what looked like white toilet paper stack in itShe explained that she got her periods and that she wasn’t pregnant She was mightily relieved 5 days after that she didn’t have any pad and for the next one week she fucked blowing my brains out said she wanted to make up for the time lost After the first week she said that chances of pregnancy are high and she would blow me or get my semen out with her handsShe said having a condom in the room was risky as my parents would get suspicious Next month her husband and her chatted and she wanted to move to Chennai with her family in months’ time Everyone was happy as to how she had gotten over the grief so well Boy if only they knew the real reasonThat one month was the most heavenly for me Since it was our close time together my Athai gave me liberties I would fuck her every 30 mins in the night and during the day also we would sneak out get a quickie After the first week we resorted to our safe techniques The couple of days before she was due to leave we had one intense night our emotions go the better of us and that night I ended up fucking her 10 times in her pussyShe also completely forgot the safety aspect She left for Chennai and my life became very dry in the bedroom and started focusing on my studies and did exceptionally well A month later we got a call from Athai informing my mom that she was pregnant again We all went to see her and she was glowing with happinessWhen we were alone #8211 she said that she couldn’t reconcile to sex with her husband a week after coming to Chennai when she didn’t get her periods she tested and found her to be pregnant already with my baby She said after that I just imagined you and fucked your uncle twice Now I am relieved I can deliver our baby without any worries…I was extremely happy every vacation I would go to her house I will fuck her brains out I also became a very confident young man Oh yeah after our baby was delivered (a boy) both Athai and her husband were very happy I again breast fed my Athai to my heart’s content Now Athai regularly takes pills as she and her husband don’t want any more babies making things easy for meI finished my studies in Engineering in Chennai got a very good job When I turned 26 I expressed a desire to marry her daughter to Athai and after one hell of a fucking session and she agreed It is very common in our families to marry Athai or Mama’s kid Now my adventures with Athai continue in fact before our First nightwhich happened in Athai’s house she fucked me explaining how there will be lot of pain for her daughter and how I have to be gentle to break her hymen etc That led to a wonderful experience for my wife who still thanks me for all the patience and understanding I showed I am blissfully happy nowTwo years into our marriage we decided to get pregnant and my wife delivered a baby girl Now I breastfeed from her regularly She fed me breast milk for almost six months after weaning off our baby… Life couldn’t be happier for me my Athai and my wife…

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